Social Networking is Democratizing

Tools like twitter, facebook, and even plain old email are making it more difficult to manipulate the spin on current events. When we eventually become even more integrated with these technologies, to the point where we are effectively instantly aware of events around the globe, transparency will be almost impossible to circumvent, by either individuals in positions of power, or governments as a whole.

My generation grew up being spoon-fed information because that was the most effective way to educate at the time. The down side of that is of course that the entities responsible for providing information are almost always influenced by some agenda that ends up coloring the content in ways that should be left up to the individual to decide.

In today’s world, direct access to “raw” information (such as video or audio clips, witness reports, etc) is available to people pretty much anywhere at any time. This is not to say that everything out there is un-doctored or un-manipulated, but the determination of what is and isn’t factual is more directly decided by individuals.

A truly global community may now actually be a plausible concept, with individuals being able to effectively bypass government propaganda and exchange ideas directly. When these technologies become even more directly integrated in to our bodies and minds, it will be almost impossible not to know what’s really going on and activities that are now able to occur only in the darkness of secrecy will become a thing of the past.

Some experts say this could happen within the next few decades; see

Globa: Accelerating technologies will create a global state by 2050 on KurzweilAI.

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